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Antwerp diamonds get a loan in Atlanta
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  • Payments Over The Minimum Interest Rate Are Applied To The Principal Balance Of The Loan.
  • Insured Items Throughout Transit And When In Our Possession.

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After we are done reviewing our initial offer, we proceed by providing you with a prepaid shipping label to send your items safely to our location in Atlanta for official evaluation.

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After evaluating your item, we will send you an official offer followed by immediate payment through a check or wire transfer. If you are dissatisfied with the offer, we will return the items immediately without any risk or obligations.

Short-term Jewelry Equity Loans

If you are wondering how you can acquire instant cash without having to sell jewelry in Atlanta, using them as collateral is the best way to go about it. Any piece of jewelry or luxury watch is a great investment in one’s life, and to part with it in times of great need can feel treacherous. That is why Antwerp Diamonds is the best place to sell jewelry and the best place to sell diamonds in Atlanta to help you generate prompt money without losing ownership of your jewelry pieces.

With us, you can trade your jewelry or luxury watch online or can drop it at our store for evaluation. We evaluate your jewelry and luxury watch extensively to provide you with the best value and consider every value-adding element before offering you the final quote. You can either accept or decline the offer. Once you accept the offer, we will provide you with a prompt payment against your loan.

We offer short-term jewelry equity loans in Atlanta for the following types of jewelry:

Luxury Watches

Have the papers for a watch, like Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Omega, etc. in good condition? Great!

gold and silver oval case

Gold and Silver

You can get a loan against your gold and silver coins and bullions with Antwerp Diamonds!

Misc. Gold and Silver

We loan on and buy damaged jewelry, miscellaneous gold and silver, and sterling silver flatware.

black and silver camera on white textile

Designer Handbags and Purses

We buy and loan on authentic, pre-loved designer bags. Get paid today, not after it sells! Balenciaga, Hermes, and more.

black and silver camera on white textile

Designer Handbags and Purses

We are now buying and loaning on authentic, pre-loved designer bags. Get paid today, not after it sells! We accept brands, such as: Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Saint Laurent Paris, and more.

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